Rob K and Blac Chyna Putting Baby Dream to Work with Clothing Line

Rob K and Blac Chyna Putting Baby Dream to Work with Clothing Line 

Posted: 9:09 am Friday, December 2nd, 2016

By Eric "Hollywood" Davis STAR 94.5


Ain’t that just like a Kardashian.

Now we’re hearing that the parents of the newest Kardashian member, Rob K and Blac Chyna, are getting ready to put baby Dream to work. That’s because mommy and daddy are reportedly working on an entire Dream-inspired clothing collection.

“Rob knows what a goldmine his daughter Dream is, so he and Blac have been trying to come up with as many different ways to make money off of her as possible,” according to a source close to 29-year-old Kardashian.

Earlier, it was reported that Kardashian and Blac Chyna, 28, had signed a lucrative deal with E! to air their daughter’s birth, and Kardashian has also developed a new line of children’s socks under his already existing sock line company, Arthur George.

“Because Dream is the only Kardashian-named baby born so far, Rob and Blac think that they have to start marketing her so that they can continue to bank off of her if their reality show flops,” said the source.

“Rob wants to also start an entire line of clothing specifically designed for Dream, calling it the ‘Dream Collection,’” the insider stated, “Aside from that, Rob, Blac Chyna and grandma, Kris Jenner, have been coming up with a ton of other ideas to make money off of Dream.”

Well if that’s the case, baby Dream will be the only Kardashian with a legitimate job. rob-kardashian-and-chyna-blac-and-dream