A travel ban that descended into chaos, protests: What we know 

Posted: 6:46 am Monday, January 30th, 2017

By Eric "Hollywood" Davis STAR 94.5


President Donald Trump has issued an executive order banning travel to the US from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The order has caused confusion at the nation’s airports as some people from those countries were detained as they arrived in the US. The move also has been met with legal challenges and street protests across America.
Here are the latest developments:
  • No one is being held in an airport or other detention facility from the initial group affected by the travel ban executive order, Department of Homeland Security Press Secretary Gillian Christensen told CNN Sunday night.
  • Christensen said 392 green card holders — so-called lawful permanent residents — were given exemptions and entered the US.
  • A Homeland Security official told CNN that green card holders will still go through additional screening and national security checks upon landing. Unless they have a significant criminal history or links to terrorism, they will be allowed back in the country after going the check.
  • The Trump administration stood by the implementation of the ban Sunday afternoon. Saying “it has been implemented successfully and according to administration policy. It has also resulted in extremely minimal disruption that is more than outweighed by the enormous benefits to our security.”
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo launched a confidential toll-free assistance hotline for New Yorkers to report anyone believed to be detained, missing or left in vulnerable situations at NY airports as a result of the order.
  • Sudan’s Ministry of Affairs called for the immediate removal of its name from the US list of “State Sponsors of Terrorism” and its designation as a “Country of Particular Concern” on Sunday.
  • Protesters gathered again Sunday in Washington, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle and other cities.

    Protests continue

    Meanwhile, for a second consecutive day, protesters were rallying across the country against President Trump’s immigration policies.
    Throngs of people gathered Sunday afternoon outside the White House. Crowds also formed in Boston’s Copley Square, at Battery Park in Manhattan and at airports in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington and Dallas, with more planned in other cities.
    These follow demonstrations that erupted Saturday over Trump’s travel ban.
    In New York City, a large crowd gathered at JFK International Airport Saturday to protest the detention of two Iraqis who were later released. Several New York officials showed support for the protests.

    “Mr. President, look at us,” said US Rep. Nydia Velazquez, a New York Democrat.
    “This is America. What you have done is shameful. It’s un-American.” The protesters gathered in Terminal 4 at JFK and carried signs reading, “We are all immigrants!” and “No ban! No wall!”
    Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe joined protesters Saturday at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C. “This Executive Order is antithetical to the values that make America great, and it will make our country less safe,” he said in a statement.
    In Portland, Oregon, one demonstrator carried a sign that read, “Portland coffee comes from Yemen,” one of the seven Muslim-majority nations on the no-travel list.
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