High school football players rescue Florida woman pinned down by truck 

Posted: 6:33 am Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

By Eric "Hollywood" Davis STAR 94.5


A group of Florida high school football players are being called heroes after lifting a truck to help save a woman’s life, according to WESH TV.

The victim, Susan Gentry, pushed her daughter out of the way right before the truck ran into her at an Orlando crosswalk.

“The tire was on her chest and was suffocating her,” Mark Gentry, her husband, told WESH.

Gentry and others tried to help, but couldn’t lift the heavy vehicle off his pinned wife. As Gentry shouted for help, four high school football players, who also happened to be on the weightlifting team, quickly responded, heaving the truck up just long enough to pull Susan Gentry out from under it.

“Right place at the right time,” one of the players, Mario Hernandez, said.

“There’s a reason for everything.”

Gentry, who has been transferred out of the trauma unit, has a fractured pelvis and several bruised ribs.

“She’s doing much better,” Mark Gentry said as he thanked the players for their help.

Way to go fellas!!!!