Peeping Tom sneaks into Planet Fitness ceiling to spy on nude women: reports 

Posted: 7:05 am Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

By Eric "Hollywood" Davis STAR 94.5


A man confessed to spying on more than a dozen nude or changing women at a Planet Fitness gym in Virginia during interviews with police earlier this year, according to court documents obtained this week.

Norfolk police arrested James Eddy, 40, March 23 on two counts of peeping into an occupied dwelling.

Eddy admitted to recording between 15 and 20 women who were nude and using tanning beds at Planet Fitness on East Little Creek Road.

Eddy told police that he managed to get into the ceiling above the gym’s tanning beds, where he videotaped the women with a camcorder that fit in his palm, WVEC reported.

A Planet Fitness member identified only as Lanie told Southside Daily that she called police after she spotted the peeping Tom’s fingers pushing through a ceiling tile on Jan. 11.

“I was only wearing underwear at the time,” she told the newspaper in January. “I had just stepped out of the tanning bed nearly nude and was putting my clothes back on when I heard a sound above me.”

A police officer confronted Eddy on Jan. 30 about his possible involvement in the peeping, the Southside Daily reported, citing court records. Eddy admitted to getting into the ceiling to spy on women in the gym’s tanning rooms and confessed again on Feb. 14 during a polygraph examination, authorities said.

He told police that he spied on women between December 2016 and January 2017. He told authorities that he deleted videos that were taken while he was in the ceiling and got rid of the camera he used to record them.

In a statement to Southside Daily, a Planet Fitness spokeswoman said the company is cooperating with police.
James Eddy