Naked Woman Strolls Through Atlanta Airport … Even Poses for Folks! 

Posted: 7:45 am Friday, May 5th, 2017

By Eric "Hollywood" Davis STAR 94.5


*You’ll have to admit that there’s something going on when it comes to travel via air. On the one hand, you’ve got the airlines seemingly going nuts on passengers.

Of course you’ve always had passengers going nuts on the airlines. And now there’s airport stripping.

Lately we’re seeing more and more of this. The most recent case happened the other day at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport when out of nowhere some chick thought it would be a good idea to parade around in her birthday suit.

Actually we hear she bought a ticket to somewhere with cash, THEN she disrobed and started waking around the facility (terminal B).

Needless to say there were plenty of video posted to social media showing the woman walking through the hallway and even posing in front of confused on-lookers.

It’s still unclear why the woman was naked or what she was doing at the airport.

See the videos below (WARNING: videos contain graphic pictures a/k/a nudity)