Posted: 4:32 pm Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

By Eric "Hollywood" Davis STAR 94.5



Maxwell has apparently been in a not-so-secretive 3-year relationship with former “106 & Park” host, Julissa Bermudez, and it seems the Internet only recently discovered their coupling… and many are not happy about it.

Maxwell and Bermudez attended the 2017 VH-1 “Dear Mama” Special last week, and cozied up on the purple carpet for photos. Although they have stepped out in public together a few times before, most people missed that they were dating. It wasn’t until after the VH-1 event did Maxwell start to receive a flurry of hate about his love life. So he decided to take to his social media pages to speak out and defend his special lady against the naysayers.

Maxwell is usually super private, and many have been speculating for years about sexuality — with most assuming he’s another closeted black male in the industry. So imagine the shock when he confirmed that he’s dating a real live woman.


Once his loyal BLACK female fanbase caught word that he’s dating Julissa, many voiced their issues with the fact that she’s not on the same level of celebrity status as he is, while others simply don’t like that he’s dating a Latina.

Maxwell wasn’t bothered by the haters until they brought up race…y’all know non-black males who date outside of their race are very sensitive about their non-black women and will defend her honor to the death.

Maxwell is Puerto Rican and Haitian; Julissa is Dominican, so he took to Instagram and used the flags of Haiti and the Dominican Republic to address the hate and justify his love for Julissa:

Maxwell even jumped in his comment section to shut down and thank those who were being respectful of his love life: