Judge Judy lets dog loose in courtroom to prove who its owner is 

Posted: 12:53 pm Thursday, August 17th, 2017

By Eric "Hollywood" Davis STAR 94.5

Judge Judy1

An argument over ownership of a dog landed two parties in front of television judge Judy Sheindlin.

In her own form of Solomon’s Law, rather than cut the dog in half, Sheindlin ordered the dog to be let loose in the courtroom so it could determine who was its owner.

In the clip from the show posted Monday, Sheindlin orders a woman with the defendant to put the dog down, and Baby Boy immediately runs to the plaintiff, wagging its tail and jumping at the man’s leg.

The defendant pleads that the dog does that to everyone, as Sheindlin glares at the woman.

“That’s his dog,” Sheindlin said. “That’s over, take the dog home.”