Too Sexy? High school dance team’s costumes spark controversy 

Posted: 2:36 pm Thursday, September 28th, 2017

By Eric "Hollywood" Davis STAR 94.5

Dancer on the move (stock photo).

A South Florida high school team is going viral, and it’s not because of their dance moves.

The Miami Northwestern Senior High School’s dance team’s costumes have been stirring up some controversy because some believe they’re too sexy for the young students.

Several videos of the teens dancing have been posted online, which sparked the debate.

Some social media users don’t see a problem with the costumes and say people should be focusing on their dancing, not what they’re wearing.

Others thought the outfits looked more like lingerie and were not appropriate for girls 18 and younger.

However, parents and guardians of the students approved of the costumes and don’t see an issue.

“If they’re dancers, they’re entertainers,” one grandparent, Debbie Frasier, told WPLG. “So if you have the same problem, you have the problem with Beyonce or young child stars who dress that way on national television.”