Jones High School on the Ellen Show

Jones High School on the Ellen Show 

Posted: 12:27 pm Thursday, February 15th, 2018

By Jasmine E Hankins

IMG_6441.PNGJones High School’s choir director  Andrea Green, and Band Director Jamaal Nicholas and the Jones High School Choir was featured on the Ellen Show this morning, not only were the two surprised to have a sit down interview with Ellen, but they were even more surprised after Ellen presented them with something that would change their lives…

Ellen surprised Orlando’s Jones High School band and choir after finding out that although they were invited to perform at the famed Carnegie Hall, they had concerns about funding for the trip. Along with her friends at Walmart, Ellen helped hit the students’ financial goal and reach their dream of going to New York City.

Looks like we can see our mighty tigers at Carnegie Hall.

Lets Join Together and Donate to Jones High School as they still need donations for meals and shipping costs for materials: