106,000 African American Voters Purged in Georgia

106,000 African American Voters Purged in Georgia 

Posted: 11:59 am Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

By jojooneal95

There’s a press conference today in Atlanta concerning 106,000 registrants purged from the voter rolls in Georgia. These are names of people who allegedly moved from the state, but have not.

Civil Rights Leaders have filed a lawsuit. Although the press conference in Atlanta is focusing on Georgia, this is the first of several nationwide actions, the result of legal actions and investigation in 27 states led by Rev. Jesse Jackson and investigative reporter Greg Palast following up on Palast’s exposé in Rolling Stone.

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Check with your County’s Supervisor of Elections to make sure your name is still on the voter rolls. Be ready to vote in the November election. The deadline to be registered is Oct 9th.

Vote family. Your vote is your voice.