Posted: 3:39 pm Thursday, October 4th, 2018

By Eric "Hollywood" Davis STAR 94.5

danielle spencer

According to online reports, former actress Danielle Spencer, who also a doctor of Veterinary medicine (see video above), is recovering from an emergency operation because of bleeding in her brain.

Ironically, it was exactly 41 years to the date of her major car accident resulting in the untimely death of her step-father, actor Tim Pelt, that Danielle experienced a massive headache, reports the LA Sentinel. Due to the bleeding of the brain and enormous headaches, she became unresponsive and almost died. The article continues, saying that after going back and forth to the doctor for medicine, the headache persisted until on the third day she became unconscious. With quick action from expert doctors, they did emergency brain surgery on the bleeding hematoma she received from that car accident so long ago.

As far as that accident 41 years ago that killed her father, she ended up being in a 3-week coma. Spencer, known for her role as “Dee” on the 1970s sitcom “What’s Happening,” also endured other critical injuries that included a broken leg, arm and pelvis.

Dr. Spencer is recovering, but there’s no word on the estimated time of healing as she also suffered breast cancer and spinal injury in the past. The combination of past health issues raises a red flag on her road to recovery but family and friends are hopeful for her fight.

Friends of Dr. Danielle have started a Go Funding Page as they are all claiming a successful prognosis she will continue to have a long recovery and stint in rehab again and funds raised will help with treatment, medication and sustaining.

Since becoming the first black female child to regularly star in a TV series and after having to learn how to walk again after the tragic car accident as a kid, Spencer went on to continue acting, practice veterinary medicine and write a book.