Anita Baker Signals That She’s Retiring from Music 

Posted: 7:30 am Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

By Eric "Hollywood" Davis STAR 94.5


Here’s the deal. Legendary Detroit bred songstress Anita Baker is saying it’s time to close the curtain on her singing career. Yes, she’s retiring. Say it isn’t so!

Baker started giving notice that something was up on January 12 via a tweet that said “Lotta rumors out there. No Tour. No CD. #Retired #BeachBum #ThankYouJesus.”


A follow up tweet said: “January 26th will celebrate my 59th BDay (Lord willing) retirement was 1 of many goals/dreams #SuchaBlessing


Then came this: “I still love 2 write and record music…its part of my DNA. But I’m on a different road. #BeachBum

The latest Tweet from Ms. Baker said: “Oh no regrets…Music has been/is very good 2 us. God Gifted in every possible way. We just stay ‘humble’ about #2GBTG”


Dang, all we can say is we hope she’s not through. If so, she and her talent will be sorely missed.